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area covered. i will get the experts tell you about the storm. what fema is doing in con juncture with our state and local partners is preparing for not only coastal impacts of the storm and potential for flooding, power outages and winter storm. if you think talking about winter storm when a hurricane is unusual, trust me, this storm, we will be dealing with a lot of weather over a large geographical area without a lot of ability to tell you specifically what it means in this particular community. that's why we're urging the public to prepare across this area for a variety of hazards and encouraging them to take the time to go to if they have not gotten a plan. we have teams in place and in some cases still recovering from prior disasters. those teams will be available for response as well as teams coming from outside of the area. supplies such as generators, power restoration teams, disaster medical assistance teams, communications are also moving to that area. again today we did brief the president and he is directing us again to continue to make sure we have the reso
this afternoon visited the fema headquarters in washington, participating in the briefing with a number of governors from virginia, maryland, delaware, and other states. he then spoke with reporters. >> keep up the good work. appreciate it. keep it up. >> good afternoon, everyone. obviously, obviously all of the -- all the start -- across the country are concerned about the potential impact of hurricane sandy. my first message is to all people across the eastern seaboard, the midlantic going north. you need to take this very seriously and follow the instructions of your state and local officials, because they are going to be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to deal with this storm over the coming days. we just had an excellent meeting with the team here, the various agencies in charge, including the department of defense, the department of energy, and others that will need to respond very quickly. we have had a chance to talk to regional officials as well. i just had a phone call with the governors of the potentially impacted states and cities in the region. at this st
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2